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Monday, April 02, 2007


Photograph copyright http://www.lady-sonia.com/

Lady Sonia Fantasia
© 2007 Mark Robert Gates

Would ladylove and lady luck
Be judged united
For more than one night
And dawn eternity,
Blossoming out upon
Our new age like pled
I will forever be requited,
My Lady Sonia fantasy.

Will ever we share together
And have a marriage of monogamy?
Tarry forever after unwaveringly
And irresistibly in faithfulness?
Will unerring and undeniable obedience,
our result, of her glam be?
Still not knowing,
Let go I a shot in the dark,
Will we married Ladyness?

Even if a slave to love I’d be,
I believe in mutual submission,
All must submit to a microwave
To use the oven to heat things up,
We cannot get popped corn
Without creating the right fusion,
Enter the time and place
And degrees of requital,
And I hold out my cup.

I will always have sex with only you,
And I will always be with only you,
I will never do things with another,
And there will always only be just us,
Together forever,
I do anything you want,
Without grazing in mourning dew.
Lady Sonia,
Will you marry and unite with me
In my Lady Sonia Fantasia, for all y’us?

I really do belive, God's of our' Bible's, teaches marriage as mutual submission, hence, "A husband and a wife lie together and become one flesh." This is not possible, unless both submit mutually to one another, and with equal respect. And, for those who have trouble with the word submission, I understand mostly this is fallout from some men's concept of submission, however, rightly submission really is as simple as one having to submit to using the microwave the way its designed in order to get it to work.

No matter how one approaches a microwave, one must punch the correct buttons as required by the microwave, or one will not get the desired result. Furthermore, even a man must submit to the microwave to use it, and none can claim submission is not required to have sex with one's wife. If you know of any man who cannot accept having to submit to the microwave, then beware of this person, he is dangerous, and if you are married to one, get out now, as fast as possible, this man will be trying to find a way to blow away the microwave with a shotgun.

Also, as a photographer I have come to be known as God's number one nature fan, so I do not find photographs of naked women offensive. What God and I really want to know, when you look at a photograph of a naked woman, what goes through your mind? Are you a man who sees a candidate for rape, and calls this the subject in the photographs fault? If so, be forewarned, God and I do not consider that a natural response. Seeing a naked woman usually fills me with a desire to be married to her, and the desire to marry, is the natural one, God's put there.

Now, of course if the woman is already married and does not practice polygamy, then one cannot marry her, however, desiring to marry her is a natural desire. If one thinks one is going to marry a woman just because of his desire to do so, and especially if she is married and not practicing polygamy, then this is not a natural thought, and not the woman's fault. Ask, God's of our' Bible's, about what David was thinking of when he saw Bathsheba, his thoughts were not clean since he ended up murdering her husband and claiming her. I, and God's of the Bible's, do not want men claiming anymore, it is nakedness, that causes their impure thoughts, I repeat, impure thoughts when viewing a naked woman are not natural. Natural, is the desire to marry.

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