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Saturday, December 17, 2005


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Mark Robert Gates' Personal Mission Statement

My parents always told me, “You can do whatever you set your mind to.” So I will visit the Promised Land everyday being strong and courageous and knowing I am always entitled to be who I am to myself. I will be asking, seeking and knocking, being always a good steward of my gifts. I am a success at all I do, no matter what the outcome, I do not fail. I will know who I know, want who I want and love who I love, no fear and with a deep emotional immersion and bonding.

A strong personal integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, sense of humor, and responsibility for my actions will provide the right of way to all goals. I will sow generously expecting the harvest in due season. I will simplify life for myself, and others. I will live in the moment, one day at a time. I will learn something new everyday and be a willing pupil in the school of life. I will accept life and liberty, and pursue happiness without needing to be perfect. I will be understanding to others and trust in my own ideas. I will put one foot forward in front of the other and walk through life unafraid to face the unknown and the new day. I will be an advocate in the fight for all persons being created equal by listening to all, affirming the positive and empowering the best in people.