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Saturday, January 20, 2007


At last, we have a possible chance to return to being a civilized nation, with Senator Clinton, officially in the running, and the biggest hat yet tossed in the rink, to boot.

There are many things, these lame duck, pseudo-Christian, right-wing conspiracy, Republicans, will simply not allow being tended to, poor education, shrinking household incomes, people slipping helplessly below poverty levels, crime going on virtually unacosted, mental health and other disabilities going either untreated, or being ignored completely, while they argue to stop the only research that shows any hope of help, stem cells.

Our, platform will simply have to be arranged around contributing in any manner possible for us, as can be done, in our increasing our own public welfare. We are fighting wars abroad, while young boys and girls are being treated like victims, whose victimizer sees a waste to be scavenged off our city and country roads, and raped, molested and murdered. Somehow, we have not gotten the message to all of us, God wants us to hear, we who are still alive; we have lives worth living, and we have souls worth saving.

I am happy to be, announcing my availability in any manner possible, in helping in Senator Clinton's campaign to become president, and I hope she does not think this rude and unmannerly, I see a person here running for president, who is the only person, man enough, to do the job that needs being done, right now, in our America.

Copyright 2007 Mark Robert Gates