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Friday, March 24, 2006

Creative Coloring Book

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© 2001 Mark Robert Gates

Spring is tulips
And daffodils
And blooming trees,
My favorite spring
Activity is looking
At all of these.

I spy a flower
My senses empower
An awesome spirit
Of blissful joy all a-flower.
For real I know
Are the seeds they sow
Of developing sights
Of all delights.

I reap a harvest
Of bountiful rest
As peace washes over
And everything comes up clover.
In spring the poet springs
And then I write these things.

My favorite thing of all
Is that the order for our creation
Is not too tall.


© 2001 Mark Robert Gates

I experience flowers
Whenever they bloom for hours,
All sorts beacon from strong towers,
“Rebirth and re-growth,
Our Creator’s all mighty powers.”

Tulip bloom and daffodil,
Garden room with roses fill,
Blooming trees pollinated between
With honeybees, mighty looking keen.

Everything growing color
Rainbow seedlings bursting out,
Nature’s call blindly follow
Reaching bloom without a scout.

Reality fine the flowers rise,
Picture book wine all I eyes.
I am thankful of my reward
Of flowers stems  
Of celestial toward
The country trims
With joy eternal
And pleasant forever,
“The florist internal
Is creation’s endeavor.”