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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Truth Set Free My Soul

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I Have Given Myself Freedom, Yes, and Theocracy Not

© 2006 Mark Robert Gates

There are some truths we hold to be self-evident; we are all entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is a basis of American life of which we cannot allow to be rescinded. To allow a theocracy to be formed to create a governing body of hypocrites absolved of any responsibility for their own sins to rule over those who they believe different with the intent of stopping behavior they deem immoral is to recreate a hell on earth. Our forefathers had come from abuse of power such as this in Europe and decided to form a republic with a government they meant to be separated from any religious doctrine being forced on our population. To reverse this and remove our constitutional rights to free speech, free press and free religious choice is a dangerous course of action and will only result in total and complete tyranny, again.

Christianity itself cannot agree upon its own doctrine and often persecutes other Christian churches believers. In our day and age in America there is very little persecution of Christians by other beliefs, however, there is much large-scale persecution by Christians of anything not agreeing with their individual doctrine. Somehow these misguided souls believe they have been given authority over others and they must use whatever force they can to stop any practice of which they do not approve. Moreover, they are warring for control of our children’s minds in our public schools. Where they plan to create unwanted religious indoctrination even though there is no uniform belief in all of Christianity.

In history the church has stood in the way of scientific progress, in fact, persecuting those trying to teach of an earth round and circling our sun in the midst of a vast universe. Also, people were forced to steal bodies from graveyards in order to learn anatomy even though many Christians now opt for the surgery they so vehemently opposed. Today the church is standing in the way of stem cell research in the same manner. We must once again stand up and fight for our very future. There simply cannot be a government bounded by superstition and ignorance allowed to come to be.

If anyone can show me a verse in the bible of which there is authority given to rule the world, then I will allow such a government. For now I choose to live where I live as having gained an intellectual and cognitive truth of which has truly set me free. There is no thought, no writing, no belief and no knowledge of which can cause the death of my eternal spirit.