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Friday, November 10, 2006


What do we do now, when we want a book on self-help? We go on down to Borders, and stand in the self-help section, and try to decide which one book is going to affect a miracle cure. Of hundreds of thousands of titles, we believe there is one book, of which, we will use to turn our tide and make us mighty. After starring at titles for a while, we give up and head on over to the coffee shop, and order for ourself'; a triple mocha. As, we sit starring into our mochascope, we begin to wonder if we are beyond help.

Everyone says self-esteem is important, however, others say we need to be more positive to get ahead. As we sit tossing back and forth over which book to begin on, there seems to be no answer. Yet, if we really want to be as good as we can best be, there is a possibly, almost simple, answer. Read both books. One on self-esteem, and one on positive thinking. And, as long as we do not confuse one with the other, both may work together, to make a more powerful us. In fact, it just may be impossible, to change one without changing the other.

Though positive affirmations will help us think better of ourselves, and positive self-love can point us to positive success. Combining both positive thinking and higher self-worth, can be even more helpful for us, to paint in the numbers, and have our future become; one's now thornless rose. There are many ways to have both in proper proportion, to help give our ship a bow and a stern, and no matter what we think of ourselves, we will get nowhere, if we believe we have a bleak tomorrow.

I recommend, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway,
by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.,
http://www.susanjeffers.com/, for a pathway to more positive thinking. With her help, we can almost psycho-surgically, remove negative thoughts from our mind. Then, for self-esteem, I recommend, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, by Nathaniel Branden, http://www.nathanielbranden.com/. His book will work to give us skills necessary, to love ourselve's, with an unconditional self-love. While together, both books, will be capable of cementing in us a more positive self-esteem, and point us into a positive future, we almost magically, will be more certain to enjoy.

For myself, positive thinking helped me to begin writing again, and led to being asked to take, Appreciative Inquiry Training, an organizational; positive thinking course. And, help plan a new future, for our local mental healthcare provider. Another course, also, developed to build on strengths already existing, and avoid focusing on our past problems. And, I am now invited to share my opinion, to help point ships, like a lighthouse, away from unseen beaches with jagged reefs.

Higher self-esteem, helped to create in myself an understanding of how much my opinions mattered. I began writing many articles and essays, moreover, many people began coming to me and telling of how much they had been affected by, many positive's, in my writing. Which led to even more people asking my opinion.

Most of us can be, in need of help; putting ourselves behind our ships wheel, and steering a course out of our past psychosocial fogs. I have benefited from both positive thought's, and a better view's of myself, in a way of which, neither could have done so by itself. I see clearly now, not only love for my past, in my present moment, also, pathways and open doors, into a future of happiness. There are fewer obstacles, since most of my hindrances were self-created, and what might lie ahead, a collection of phantasms I feared, more than this; I am happy to be me.

-Mark Robert Gates, Copyright 2001

George W. Bush', Macarena: All Soldier's Live's Are Valueless And Pussyfoot'n To A Goosestep

Another, yet, and still as now's, political bureaucratic: blunder of a 21 century, cretin's, is: Geroge W. Bush's, somehow, as he appear's to have done, decision, there is something wrong with American law enforcment, and all existing, U.S. law enforcment, as is: unusable, as suits our people's purpose's. This: another, age's of reason, and historically unwelcomed, error, was to leave all existing law enforcement, as is, and create another new law enforcement's agencies', and not, as yet, do anything at all, in order, to repair, our, American law enforcement agencies, and our all time loser's, laughing stock of an entire world, intelligence communities.

An accurate assessment of all U.S. law enforement agencies, and our American intelligence communities, is necessary, as we go forward. There are things, happening in our world, today, of which, probably would not, if we had any legitmate law enforcement, capacity, and an intelligence gathering capability, as needed to accurately assess world question's, in today's often hostile, and inhospitable ideological, and political environment's. We now desperately have a serious necessity, of accurately determining what a majority of Iraq's people's want, for their own person's, and their own country'. We must no longer, attempt to foster and foist upon Iraq, our own goverment, in place of Iraqi, self-determined', leadership's.

Where is Casper Weinberger?

I am again reminded, Casper, was forced out, as was Collin Powell, for wanting to take a most directly available path, in time's of warfare. One of which, would, in as quick a time as possible, become, American victory's, without, doing our now famous version of the Macarena: All Soldier's Live's Are Valueless And Pussyfoot'n to a Goosestep.

Copyright 2006, Mark Robert Gates

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Any Republican Constituency Must Have All Lived In New Orleans

All 16, Very Official, Laws of Crap
© 2006 Mark Robert Gates

The 1st Law of Crap:
A void, of which has formed, ceases to be formless.

The 2nd Law of Crap:
Crap Law, first states, “Two things, cannot share the same space, without warring.”

Student’s tender’er replies, “Two things cannot physically share the same space.”

Crap Law, further postulates, “Not in peace.”

The 3rd Law of Crap:
Reality is never definable, as in: substance, and is definable only as, in: existence.

The 4th Law of Crap:
I can no more, create, realities, than realities, can create me.

The 5th Law of Crap:
Tinkle-On-Theory, states: If I piss on a dead economy, long enough, piss will cover its odor, raising no more stink.

The 6th Law of Crap:
Outlawing, false: as advertising, is futile. One must first, redefine: false, as advertising.

The 7th Law of Crap:
The existent, and the non-existent, must always coexist, as no one can ever do anything, without needing both of these, each to be included, in any plenary discourse.

The 8th Law of Crap:
If we can put a man on the moon: a something; else, must be possible.

The 9th Law of Crap:
There is always a past’s, behind our present, while, yet another present’s, now our present, and always our future’s, ahead, as still, yet, another present.

The 10th Law of Crap:
Some matter exists, while some anti-matter exists, and some, not-my-matter exists, and if, any ever, do meet anywhere, we are all still in denial.

The 11th Hour of Crap:
N raised to an (x) power = S, where: N is an amount of a, nothing, necessary, and S: is an amount of a, something, all this, nothing, is to be used to create.

The 12th Law of Crap:
There is not enough nothing left, free up empty space, then, re-download the pre-creation Zip-file.

The 13th Law of Crap:
There will always be a basis of our American life, of which, cannot remain un-rescinded: without causing someone’s unnecessary death.

The 14th Law of Crap:
A constant is only possible: if someone leaves the light on, and all energy begins, as, matter, in the dark.

The 15th Law of Crap:
My mind, of which, I lost, just yesterday, somewhere, is still, missing me, today.

The 16th Law of Crap:
Looking for a needle in a haystack, as being, presumed, to be difficult, presupposes, a needless haystack, as being a thing, of which, is presumably, less difficult to locate.

Can There Really Be A Way To Make Death Taxable To Citizens

© 2006 Mark Robert Gates
10. You fell off, when you were, standing on top of the world.
9. You only got one more question right, than you needed, in your states bar exam.
8. Your role model, while growing up, was a cartoon character.
7. The traffic light always turns red, when you are trying, to speed through the yellow.
6. You claim, you can live, the rest of your life, and eat, your food in a pyramid
5. You have a song running through your head, and it won’t stop.
4. You are still, tying up your phone service, with dial-up, Internet service.
3. You believe you know how much alcohol, you can drink, and still drive.
2. You made the same mistake Martha Steward did.
1. It’s the right thing to do.

Reality Requires a 12 Steps Toward: Get A Life's!

I’m selling a brand new 12 step program to the highest bidder:

The 12 Steps to Genuine Respect

© 2006 Mark Robert Gates

1. Admit there is a problem: the world ain’t got it right!

2. Realize you are powerless to resist.

3. Give a higher power the job.

4. List the people that hog the rungs above you on the ladder without respect for your position.

5. Give tact and apologies the heave ho.

6. Act like everything you say is over everyone else’s head.

7. Return all favors to everyone who ever put you down.

8. Then pound on the other guy's chest

9. Teach your psychiatrists and psychologists the truth.

10. Talk down to people in authority; tell the cops to go to hell.

11. Fail at your counter complaint in a criminal court, find out your prison cell, is not considered, someone’s political vice.

12. Now give the higher power the boot.

Monday, November 06, 2006

GOOD MORNING - MIDNIGHT, by Emily Dickinson

(425 by )Emily Dickinson

Good Morning — Midnight —
I'm coming Home —
Day — got tired of Me —
How could I — of Him?

Sunshine was a sweet place —
I liked to stay —But Morn —
didn't want me — now —
So — Goodnight — Day!

I can look — can't I —
When the East is Red?
The Hills —have a way — then —
That puts the Heart — abroad —

You — are not so fair —Midnight —
I chose — Day —
But —please take a little Girl —
He turned away!



"All who have the government of the kingdom with its states and families have nine standard rules to follow;-viz., the cultivation of their own characters; the honoring of men of virtue and talents; affection towards their relatives; respect towards the great ministers; kind and considerate treatment of the whole body of officers; dealing with the mass of the people as children; encouraging the resort of all classes of artisans; indulgent treatment of men from a distance; and the kindly cherishing of the princes of the states.

"In all things success depends on previous preparation, and without such previous preparation there is sure to be failure. If what is to be spoken be previously determined, there will be no stumbling. If affairs be previously determined, there will be no difficulty with them. If one's actions have been previously determined, there will be no sorrow in connection with them. If principles of conduct have been previously determined, the practice of them will be inexhaustible.