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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Photograph courtesy of NASA Photography
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© 2002 Mark Robert Gates

Forever upon a time,
Eternity opened up,
Discovery of the crime,
Love unreal an empty cup.

Real love is felt to the touch,
Pure softness, gentle on the spirit,
Never knowing separation, and such
The soothing as the souls near it.

The spirit of love is the spicing,
The sealant of emotional bonding,
Pursuant to the code of enticing,
Deliverer of the nation responding.

The soul of love is our way of liveness,
A mighty power to divide away loss,
Exacting virtual and real forgiveness,
Nature of total involvement, boss.

If you want to see love grow,
A complete immersion principle
Lights the way to where we go,
A true bondage ring pierces the nipple.