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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Please Visit My New Blog, On My New Domain

Please visit my new WordPress blog,
on my new domain:


This site is still under construction,
as I am awaiting transfer of my
domain name to my new hosts registrar.

The new WordPress Blog address is:


This whole entire blogs postings are there,
plus some new posts, and thank you WordPress
for making it very easy to transfer
my Blogger blog into my new blog.

Also, for those who enjoy my photography
there is a gallery on this new domain as well:

All photographs © 2007 Mark Robert Gates

I have, also, moved my other blogs to my new domain.

Democratic Party Idealog' is there now:


Wellness Empowered, is now on my new domain.

All posts from those blogs, are now on the new blogs.

Thank You again WordPress, for making it easy to move my blogs,
To my own domain, I am thankful for your quality of blog as well.