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Monday, November 28, 2005


© 2001 Mark Robert Gates

Once upon a time
I needed a break,
Stress wouldn’t quit
And life overworked.
Doing needed more time
Than a clock can make,
Exhaustion behind every corner
Diligently lurked.

Reality fused the bones in my back,
Fantasy proved a poor medication.
Pain was the only thing
For which I had a knack,
When sanity left I needed
A small vacation.

The behavioral clinic
Turned out to be fruitful,
The beneficial rest resulted in peace.
Helpful therapeutics deep down
Were rootful,
On life medications
Gave me a brand new lease.

Now rest seems more like nothing to do,
Insurance paid for a blissful break.
But boredom changes things inside of you,
And a quiet repast is now more than I can take.

Give me a job, give me some work,
Make me a slave, land me a boss,
A wheel to eye, enlighten the murk,
My tomorrow is yours for a worker ID high gloss,

Accountant, phlebotomist, tinker or tailor,
A contributing society member and taxpayer.
A deep-sea fisherman or sea going sailor,
Anything busy I’ll frolic in fun no doomsayer.

I’m not complaining or grumbling
I just need a piece of the action.
In my prayers I’ve stopped mumbling,
Asking for peace without everlasting inaction.

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