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Monday, November 28, 2005


© 2001 Mark Robert Gates

I love the love that’s in the air
The way we meet with joy each other’s stare.
Emotions cascading down eliminate the stair,
The level playing field demonstrates to all we care.
United by bonds that know no fetters,
A time for hearts healed of tatters.
Togetherness embodied in eternity all that matters,
Graciousness alive in us our life only betters.
Heaven is your arms wrapped around me,
Ecstasy is being in love just we.
Afterwards we toss with glee,
Perpetual we embrace forever we see.
Argument useless we always agree,
Romance entwined in our souls sets us free.
A flow passes between like the tides in the sea,
Inseparable by love is all that life is meant to be.

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