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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


© 2001 Mark Robert Gates

I used to pride myself on making sense,
And thinking twice before I’d start,
I did everything with such intelligence,
That people even used to call me smart.
It’s not that I’m not smart no more,
Or that I never stop to think,
It’s not important like before,
My eyes were opened with a wink.

There is no reason in my every thought,
Since my heart warms in your fire,
There is no other life for the mind I got,
Since granted my hearts fondest desire.
You are what my heart has sought,
Gone is mind over matter,
Now that my heart lifts me higher.
Us together forever,
I prize over all that is taught.
Now I run around looking for rainbows,
Underneath the evening star shine.
Looking everywhere for singing sparrows,
By the light of blinding moon shine.
It may seem strange to close my eyes to see,
Yet I haven’t really lost my mind,
It’s just that since I found my cup of tea,
There’s nothing else I really care to find.

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