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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


© 2002 Mark Robert Gates

When the fuzzy lines get blurry,
And the blurry lines get fuzzy,
And the seeing looks through a flurry,
And gets sense making all ways, “buzzy.”
Settle quickly and before retiring the jury.

Our love is golden and strong,
Pure and forever delightfully united.
To fornicate only would be wrong
Since mixing our, “Insides.” Us excited.
Forming an indelible and eternal song.

All sex together will marry us,
United we stand,
Intimacy in our love will make us one.
All sex together will marry us,
Invited we stand,
Devotion to our fond, “Bond,”
Brightens the sun,
All sex together will marry us,
Requited we stand.

Clarity clears the crystal solution,
Parity releases the, “Dove.” Paramour.
Reality neutralizes the toxic pollution,
And the kaleidoscope images
Melt to the floor.
May we settle for what becomes
Our volition?

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