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Saturday, November 26, 2005


© 2001 Mark Robert Gates

Stress? What stress?
Didn’t someone say ignorance is bliss?
Then why do you keep reminding me of terrors press?
When fantasy and reality meet do both kiss?
Will Chicken Little ever get done holding up the sky?
When tragedy and disaster meet what becomes of fun?
Isn’t it better the sky fall to pieces than I?
Will refinishing touches on Leonardo’s ceiling ever get done?
Didn’t the maker mate thee to a growing faith?
Wasn’t triumph the result of crucifying His Son?
Weren’t all choices given that thou may doeth what thou mayeth?
Then stand adversity in my path and let one of my best shots give it one!
Confusion scribbles patterns on my brain,
Exclusion nibbles out a sad quatrain.
Power from a well alive with might
Tower crumb inside and growing everything that’s right.

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