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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


© 2002 Mark Robert Gates

When I look at you…
You are the stars in my eyes,
We clear the clouds, leaving blue skies,
They thinking we end are not wise,
And eternal night and day awaken and rise.
When I look at you…
My happy eyes claim the prize
And do not let go,
Cheerfulness overwhelms tearfulness
At the brightness glow,
Fortune hunting ends the more tune,
Wanting in the tides tow,
And forever becomes, moreover,
All there is to know.
When I look at you…
Power play is locked inside the picket fence,
Outside is a world only looking in since,
Our kingdom crowns me ending prince,
And unending celebrates victory forth-hence.
When I look at you…
Truth strikes like a bolt of lightening,
Colors sparkle from the whitening,
Feeling good ceases from being frightening,
And our closeness gets a good tightening.
When I look at you…
Love splashes over the guardrails,
Heart, to our life, your loveliness nails,
Compassion empties from our ship in pails,
And tenderness marks
All the guideposts on our trails.
When I look at you…
Beacons blink in the night,
Cornucopia overruns blight,
History repeats itself right,
And angelic visions render the sight.
Thankfully, Goddess I look at you.

1 comment:

Willow Rhiamon said...

Oh that is beautiful! I really like that, thank you for sharing it.