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Friday, December 02, 2005


© 2005 Mark Robert Gates

Another place, another day,
In a time not on this earth,
We embrace again this way,
With arms wrapped around re-birth.

While you are a spirit,
While you are a life’s energy
While you speak, those hear it,
Legions of angels obey.

Tomorrow is yesterday,
Next week is irrelevant,
Dues we all do pay,
Ethereal this instant.

Power is not mighty,
Useless is the fight,
Reality is rightly
A fusion of pure light.

Taking mercy, all collect,
Making remorseless a life,
Forgiven as a light’s reflect,
Humble and low all strife

We get to where we go,
Not by climbing a stair,
However, by descending low,
To place the bottom is rare.

Then, all legions of angels,
Now, we find at command,
We place at worthy jewels,
Requests not any demands.

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