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Thursday, February 23, 2006

All Our Lives Are Painted Frames of Looney Tunes

© 2006, Mark Robert Gates

All our lives are painted frames of Looney Tunes
All shuffled up and lying on the ground,
Life around us orbits, stars, planets, just like moons,
All is people searching, forever, for the lost and found.
Tomorrow, is never really a solid for our grasp,
Yesterday, has left us a library to rearrange on shelves,
Our countenance is constantly blown from our clasp,
Today, inconsequential into all one chooses and delves.

Why has our creator left us stranded on desert sands
Writing books about all our efforts to understand,
How a people can embrace a being without hands
With our body of which no matter what may be gets canned.
As spirit journeys just cycles in which we all sojourn,
Spirals going clockwise then counter against the current,
Reality full of oddities leaves us to mourn,
Why all our worlds, in a life of orbits, meant to be sent.

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