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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reality Requires a 12 Steps Toward: Get A Life's!

I’m selling a brand new 12 step program to the highest bidder:

The 12 Steps to Genuine Respect

© 2006 Mark Robert Gates

1. Admit there is a problem: the world ain’t got it right!

2. Realize you are powerless to resist.

3. Give a higher power the job.

4. List the people that hog the rungs above you on the ladder without respect for your position.

5. Give tact and apologies the heave ho.

6. Act like everything you say is over everyone else’s head.

7. Return all favors to everyone who ever put you down.

8. Then pound on the other guy's chest

9. Teach your psychiatrists and psychologists the truth.

10. Talk down to people in authority; tell the cops to go to hell.

11. Fail at your counter complaint in a criminal court, find out your prison cell, is not considered, someone’s political vice.

12. Now give the higher power the boot.

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