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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


© 2007, God's, Christ's and our' Holy Spirit's, as attributed by, Mark Robert Gates

Romans Chapter 1,

Verse 19:

διοτι το γνωστον του θεου φανερον εστιν
εν αυτοις ο γαρ θεος αυτοις εφανερωσεν

Verse 20:

τα γαρ αορατα αυτου απο κτισεως κοσμου
τοις ποιημασιν νοουμενα καθοραται η τε
αιδιος αυτου δυναμις και θειοτης εις το
ειναι αυτους αναπολογητους

Verse 21:

διοτι γνοντες τον θεον ουχ ως θεον εδοξασαν
η ευχαριστησαν αλλ εματαιωθησαν εν τοις
διαλογισμοις αυτων και εσκοτισθη η ασυνετος
αυτων καρδια

1894 Scrivener Textus Recptus
Courtesy of: http://www.e-sword.net/downloads.html

Romans Chapter 1,

Verse 19:
Therefore one: notable; one: God; manifest, have been, altogether one, and one: therefore God; self-same appear.
Verse 20:
One: therefore; invisible one, since creation, adorning, one workmanship, understand clearly, and, see one also: everlasting, self-same, ability and abundance, moreover, Godhead: of one mind, one am: self-same, without excuse.

Verse 21:
Therefore, allow one: God; unworthy, whensoever, God's glorified, as, except it be, give thanks, notwithstanding, become vain, altogether, one: reasoning; self-same, also, darken one, without understanding; self-same, thoughts.

Translation by,
Mark Robert Gates

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