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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Copyright 2003 Mark Robert Gates

All for the love of sweetheart
A song in our heart all the way,
Forever not to see the other part
Rapture and bliss are here to stay.
Heaven bequeathed no beneath,
Earth, the flesh for feeling airborne.
Love surrounding forms a wreath,
Ecstasy’s power like clothing worn.
Without touching from across a room
Gravity draws the heart toward love,
Romance woven on immortal loom,
A Peaceful heart fluttering dove.
Fragrance felt, A hand in hand smelt,
Life requires wooing we
As the play the hand dealt
And our eternity the look-see.
Power to the partner,
Struggle to the sea,
Distance a once were,
A healthy affection we.
Yesterday life was without us,
Now relished in the others thought,
Today has come upon us
And bonded us a knot.
Tomorrow brings what will be
Without mercy, without care,
Existence now a you and me
Beneath sky never ending fair.
Reaping the bounty harvest
From the seeds that sowed,
Baby never so blessed
As with my entire life owed,
I pour my heart into the cup
Without debate, without reprisal,
And give spirit and soul up
As a never ending we fills us all.

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