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Saturday, November 26, 2005


© 2006 Mark Robert Gates

Civil rights, bowing to religious persecution, and unwanted indoctrination, are exactly what our forefathers gave their lives to avoid. We are, in the United States, a product of many people’s sacrifices, and we cannot allow doomsayers and self-righteous indignation, to remove our religious and moral choices. Where there is no victim, there should be no law denying freedom to choose, what we ourselves, want in life, moreover, seeing religious freedom only for “Christians” is myopic and blasphemous, since biblical theology gives everyone, free will.

Today, in America, persecution of “Christianity” is not near that of “Christians” toward other religious beliefs, furthermore, debate rages in the “Church” about correct theology. If there were only “Christians” on the planet, there would probably be wars over doctrine, and there is no, Mayflower to another planet, for a quick exit. Only people, who have never read an entire bible, claim to understand what the bible says, where as, Pastors, who have studied it for years, in bible schools, and while preparing, Sunday sermons, will tell people, they still do not understand, all of what it says.

Brainwashing, today is done by these “Christians” to avoid having people look into other doctrines, and research for themselves, what they choose to believe. Pagan’s, Wicca’s and Witch's, are persecuted, and if not for laws, we have now, would again be, tortured and killed. As there are no repent or die verses, in modern New Testament theology, abuse of our other diverse religious beliefs, cannot be tolerated. Look where you will, understand what you may, believe what you like, and choose what is meaningful to oneself, are not what “Christians” would have happen in today’s, America. Blinders anyone? All knowledge is a belief system, once it was believed the earth was flat, and the sun revolved around the earth, then that was not only believed to be knowledge, it also was thought to be reality.

In the beginning of anatomy research, people had to steal bodies from graveyards, to study, and learn human anatomy. Religious and superstitious beliefs by the “Church” would not allow researching that which was vital to development of medical science. Now, surgery is commonplace, and many “Christians” after giving up on faith healing, enjoy the fruit of science’s labor. Today, there are those on the “Christian” right, who stand in the way of much needed stem cell research, trying to stop medical science once again.

Once, it was believed, that research into science, only made a person more amazed at the complexity of our creation. Then, Darwin introduced his theory of evolution, and the “Church” dropped science, and began a war against scientific advancement. Science went one way, religion went another, and now “Christians” once again abuse their religious freedoms, trying to coerce others, to follow their teachings. Trying to stand in the way of progress, they complain about what children are taught, and then, continue to practice, religious intolerance, toward, everyone they believe, a nonbeliever.

My bible says, its God, rose again to save lives, and to save the lost, and he will leave, ninety-nine saved sheep, to search for one, of which, is lost. Today, the “Church” refuses to join this God, in His love, for all people, no matter what they believe, therefore, this God, must leave His so called 'flock" to do His searching. Meanwhile, His minions He leaves behind, while He continues, in His searching, badly need a babysitter.

My peace comes from understanding, there is no way to believe, which will end my eternal life. Wherever I go, and whatever I look into, there is nothing, that will harm my soul, of which qualifies as theology, philosophy or knowledge. We all believe in Gods or Goddesses, yet we cannot agree as to how we will worship these entities. No one-way is right, no one way is wrong, there are only choices, and I believe all people, must make their own moral choices, to be considered to be living. As long as we do not murder, steal from and rape, one another, we should, all be able, to get along in peace.

Intolerant people, who cannot allow others, most of the same freedoms, they choose for themselves, must now, go the way of the dinosaurs. Then we can live, in a utopia, on earth, and live for every moment, and experience everything life has to offer. Brownie buttons in heaven, for murderers do not exist, so we must all live, however we feel as right, and look for each other, in the afterlife. Then, love that we share, now, can be remembered, and we can all be happy, to see one another again.

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