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Sunday, November 27, 2005


© 2001 Mark Robert Gates

I must admit that in life
I’ve felt distressed,
But never did my battleship
Do more than list.
A little to the port,
A little to the starboard,
At times a little askew,
Just slightly off plumb.
Bail with pumps,
Bail with buckets I roared,
This listing is all in my mind
And kinda just dumb.
Then I pardoned the mess
And forgave to my best
The jumbled up chemistry
That gave me no rest.
I dug in hard and delt
With all of my might
With the problems
And distresses in life.
Then put failures
Out of my far reaching sight,
And jumped up and said,
“I’ve had enough of strife.”
I beat and pummeled
And pounded and knocked
On my chest,
Saying to myself,
“You know it is better for me to
See myself blessed.”

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