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Sunday, November 27, 2005


© 2006 Mark Robert Gates

Part of life, is realizing, you have one of your own to live. Some of us take longer, to accept, our own life as valuable.

My self-acceptance, came after much ruin, by allowing others to manipulate my progress, with their disdain. I cannot continue, as a target, for another's animosity, by allowing all others to decide, who I am and who I should be. I must, let all dirt, flung at my soul, to be as such, it slides off into a gutter, where all refuse of human nature, will find its end. I must, be strong enough, to let life be worth living, and then I can make friends, where there before were only enemies.

All I ask, is that people take time, to get to know me, before deciding, how they think I am.

What a world this would be, if we had to belong, only to people, who hate us. I belong to me first, and then, to those, who esteem my life as I do. Nowhere, in any tenet of religion or philosophy, is there a requirement, to be exactly what strangers, want us to be. We can all, have all we want, in life, as long as we are, law abiding, and respect everyone else’s, right to also, do as they please.

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