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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Any Republican Constituency Must Have All Lived In New Orleans

All 16, Very Official, Laws of Crap
© 2006 Mark Robert Gates

The 1st Law of Crap:
A void, of which has formed, ceases to be formless.

The 2nd Law of Crap:
Crap Law, first states, “Two things, cannot share the same space, without warring.”

Student’s tender’er replies, “Two things cannot physically share the same space.”

Crap Law, further postulates, “Not in peace.”

The 3rd Law of Crap:
Reality is never definable, as in: substance, and is definable only as, in: existence.

The 4th Law of Crap:
I can no more, create, realities, than realities, can create me.

The 5th Law of Crap:
Tinkle-On-Theory, states: If I piss on a dead economy, long enough, piss will cover its odor, raising no more stink.

The 6th Law of Crap:
Outlawing, false: as advertising, is futile. One must first, redefine: false, as advertising.

The 7th Law of Crap:
The existent, and the non-existent, must always coexist, as no one can ever do anything, without needing both of these, each to be included, in any plenary discourse.

The 8th Law of Crap:
If we can put a man on the moon: a something; else, must be possible.

The 9th Law of Crap:
There is always a past’s, behind our present, while, yet another present’s, now our present, and always our future’s, ahead, as still, yet, another present.

The 10th Law of Crap:
Some matter exists, while some anti-matter exists, and some, not-my-matter exists, and if, any ever, do meet anywhere, we are all still in denial.

The 11th Hour of Crap:
N raised to an (x) power = S, where: N is an amount of a, nothing, necessary, and S: is an amount of a, something, all this, nothing, is to be used to create.

The 12th Law of Crap:
There is not enough nothing left, free up empty space, then, re-download the pre-creation Zip-file.

The 13th Law of Crap:
There will always be a basis of our American life, of which, cannot remain un-rescinded: without causing someone’s unnecessary death.

The 14th Law of Crap:
A constant is only possible: if someone leaves the light on, and all energy begins, as, matter, in the dark.

The 15th Law of Crap:
My mind, of which, I lost, just yesterday, somewhere, is still, missing me, today.

The 16th Law of Crap:
Looking for a needle in a haystack, as being, presumed, to be difficult, presupposes, a needless haystack, as being a thing, of which, is presumably, less difficult to locate.

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