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Friday, November 10, 2006

George W. Bush', Macarena: All Soldier's Live's Are Valueless And Pussyfoot'n To A Goosestep

Another, yet, and still as now's, political bureaucratic: blunder of a 21 century, cretin's, is: Geroge W. Bush's, somehow, as he appear's to have done, decision, there is something wrong with American law enforcment, and all existing, U.S. law enforcment, as is: unusable, as suits our people's purpose's. This: another, age's of reason, and historically unwelcomed, error, was to leave all existing law enforcement, as is, and create another new law enforcement's agencies', and not, as yet, do anything at all, in order, to repair, our, American law enforcement agencies, and our all time loser's, laughing stock of an entire world, intelligence communities.

An accurate assessment of all U.S. law enforement agencies, and our American intelligence communities, is necessary, as we go forward. There are things, happening in our world, today, of which, probably would not, if we had any legitmate law enforcement, capacity, and an intelligence gathering capability, as needed to accurately assess world question's, in today's often hostile, and inhospitable ideological, and political environment's. We now desperately have a serious necessity, of accurately determining what a majority of Iraq's people's want, for their own person's, and their own country'. We must no longer, attempt to foster and foist upon Iraq, our own goverment, in place of Iraqi, self-determined', leadership's.

Where is Casper Weinberger?

I am again reminded, Casper, was forced out, as was Collin Powell, for wanting to take a most directly available path, in time's of warfare. One of which, would, in as quick a time as possible, become, American victory's, without, doing our now famous version of the Macarena: All Soldier's Live's Are Valueless And Pussyfoot'n to a Goosestep.

Copyright 2006, Mark Robert Gates

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