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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


© 2006, God’s, Christ’s and our’ Holy Spirit’s, as attributed by, Mark Robert Gates

Apparently, Communism’s, social status dictators, have discovered if a person claims to be, Christian, no one actually question’s whether or not the person is actually a follower’ and believer’ in the God’s of our’ Bible’s. I have found politically motivated communists with anti-American, anti-Democracy and anti-capitalist agenda’s who actually say, “yes.” When asked if they are Christian, who when asked, instead, “Are you a follower’ and believer' in the God’s of the Bible’s?” Are forced to admit, “No.” Which is why we, who are followers’ and believer’s in our’ God’s of our’ Bible’s, and following Christ’s Commandment’s, learned through complete studies of His Immaculate Word’s, call ourselves follower’s and believer’s, in the first place. The word “Christian” was after all, an insulting term created by people of Rome, to put down those who they found it necessary to murder. Why it was ever picked up by anyone professing to actually be of Christ’s Churche’ is beyond comprehension.

So now, we need to go forward, asking each other, “Are one’s belief’s those of a follower’ and believer’ in the God’s of our’ Bible’s?”Also, a Churche’, as described by Jesus is our body of follower’s and believer’s built upon a foundation’, and one of which is built on a rock’, Jesus, called, “Peter’.” As a body of follower’s and believer’s it is required we follow all of Christ’s Commandment’s, if we love Him, moreover, any who do not follow’ and believe’ any one’ of Christ’s Teaching’s, cannot be allowed to continue to claim they have love for Christ’s. Once, I sat, looking at a bible’s I believed to be a gift from my God Parents, and however, was only given me as a consultation prize, by my parents, for deciding to take my God Mother away, out of spite of her love for myself, and my undying love for her. I decided more than once, I would read this Bible’s and then put it on a shelf, like all other books I read, and it would then be a book I had read.

Then, one day, around thirty years old, I looked carefully at that phony dedication, written in this Bible’s and discovered, much to my dismay, this was my mother’s own hand writing, not my God Mother’s, as I had always believed. I threw this blasphemed copy of our Bible’s to the ground so hard it broke the binding on its back, forever, setting me free. If my own mother could tell such a lie, it could not be, for Christ’s sake. And, although she is one of the most moral persons I know, she, however, did not follow’ and believe’ Christ’s Commandment’s, she used Jesus as a cover for her sins, of today, and not any of which are supposed to have been forgiven of her yesterday.

This, is how we tell if one is a follower’ and believer’ in God’s of our’ Bible’s. Those who are do not follow’ and believe’ God’s grace’s through the resurrection’ of Christ’s, exist’ to forgive’ all of tomorrow’s sins, moreover, once we walk’ in our God’s of our Bible’s good grace’s, we are not any longer to continue’ to walk in sin’s. And, if one' sins at all, one' does not follow’ and believe', one’ has a life’ save’d by faith’ in God’s and Christ’s eternal grace’s, and if one' follow's and believe's, then one' read's, and if one' doe's not read', then one' doe's not follow' and believe', and if one' doe's not take' time' necessary' to find' out' what' are', all of, Christ’s Commandment’s to =follow’s and believe’s them all, then one’ does not have any love for that of which is Christ’s, His’ Love’, His’ Grace’, and His’ Word’s.

When, I finally first followed’ and believed’, in God’s of our’ Bible’s Word’s, I could not then put down His’ Good’ Book’s, in fact I went through a phase were I was so hungry for Scripture’s and its understanding’s, I did not read anything of which was not a Bible’s, and theological’, or biblical’ literature’s. A “Christian” counselor once felt such a concern for my love’ and following’ and belief’ for Christ’s portray=d’ by my devotion’s to His Word’s, this counselor prescribed, reading a secular and fictional novel. This, I did not do, in fact I perused quite an opposite’s, I enrolled’ in Bible’s school’, at Taylor University, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and placed myself’ in, Old Testament Survey’, New Testament Survey’, Pauline Epistle’s and Systematic Theology’ course’s. And, where it was rumored a teacher, was harder than another, I alway’s deliberately’ took a harder teacher.

In fact a teacher’ considered’ too hard’, by many softies’, taught three of those course’s, Old Testament Survey’, Pauline Epistle’s and Systematic Theology’, and what some students did not like about, Dr. Wes Gehrig, is his insistence’ on making’ a person’ think’. I admit it was a struggle’, a lot like any other learning’ process’, and there were times I’ wished’ it could be’ avoided’, however, my ability’ to know’ our God’s of our’ Bible’s Theology’ well enough to think on my feet’, is now an immensely welcomed gift’s. Here, no pain, no gain, is vastly understated, when studie’s are being made’ of our God’s of our’ Bible’s Scripture’s and Christ’s Teaching’ and Commandment’s, there are no short cut’s, to acknowledgement’ of Divine’ Knowledge’ by acceptance’s, of It’, through allowing It’ to become Alive’ inside’ of one’s self’, as there lie’s Christ’s, so there shall eternally lie His’ Word’s. I can now, after being Taught’ by Christ’s to at times, put down a Bible’s and learn’ to rely’ on It’s One’s, Written’ in my mind’ and my heart’, do devotion’s anywhere’ and at anytime’, without having to open a God’s of our’ Bible’s Book’s, or having to have One’s, present to read’.

We’, all need to acknowledge’ these Commandment’s by their knowledge’ and allow’ them, then, to live’ inside’ of us’, then we’ can go forth a strong’ and invincible’ body’ of Christ’s Churche’, moreover we’ have a need to abandon’ all man’ made’ structure’s man’ has erroneously’ called a church, and once again live’ free of such artificially’ created man-made’ boundarie’s. Inside these building’s men’ called churches, only people’ who meet’ to go to church’, and are not a part’ of Christ’s body’ of follower’s and believer’s; Churche’, collect’ there. I once tried to see if any could point out the world’s, Christ’s Told’ us’ to come out of, and when they could not, had to actually point out, this is because they are the world’s.

The world’s has taken to hiding in these building’s they called churches to escape’ all scrutiny’ of mankind’. Why, are these people known to my=self to be of the world’s, and not Christ’s body of follower’s and believer’s Churche’? These people’ all believe’ they do not sin’, and in fact never have sinned’, and only say they do or did, because tract’s they pass out say one’ must in order to claim’ to be save’d. And, these people do not welcome any who’ actually’ do what they’ consider’ sin’, into their building’s, saying a church’ is no place for sinner’s.

So, obviously’ these “Christian” people’ do not believe’ a Word’ of God’s of our’ Bible’s Word’s, as, they call any they make sinner’s, be wannabe’s, instead. We both call then wannabe’s for the same reason, they are people who have been made to believe they cannot be a part of God’s of our’ Bible’s Churche’ as they have sinned. Unfortunately, instead of studies’ of God’s of our’ Bible’s Word’s many posses’ instead’, these “Christian” going to church’ folk’s man-made’ rule’s impossible’ to keep’. These man-made’ rule’s impossible’ to keep’, are used, to stop’ any’ from being a part’ of our’ God’s of our’ Bible’s Churche’ out of shame’, I remember a time I knew only these rule’s and used them for just such a purpose, to render any who I met, incapable of being a part’ of God’s of our’ Bible’s Churche’.

We now must give up these man-made’ structure’s to the world’s who inside them now pollute’, and find a way to returning to be what a body’ of Christ’s follower’s and believer’s Churche’ is designed to be, a body’ of follower’s and believer’s built’ upon a rock’ Christ’s called, “Peter’,” and, are now’ our’ God’s of our’ Bible’s Christ’s Churche’, at all time’s anywhere’ and everywhere’, without fail’. And, Christ’s Word’s leave’s us’ a Guide’ Book’ for determining’ if a person’s is’ actually a follower’ and believer’ in our’ God’s of our’ Bible’s, and a body’ amongst’ His’ Body’. The letter’s given us’ by Paul’, are’ our’ Guide’ Book’, and tell us’ if any’ who are follower’s and believer’s and of our’ God’s of our’ Bible’s Christ’s Churche’ break’ these rule’s they’ are to be remove’d, in the understanding’ they may be helped to truly follow’ and believe’, and then repent’ and return’. This is done out of love’, and to ensure’, none mistake’ God’s of our’ Bible’s grace’s, for existing’ to forgive’ future’ sins.

To follow’ and believe’ Christ’s Commandment’s, we’ must first understand’, Christ’s, as did Paul’s, alway’s teach’ only of our’ personal’ responsibility’ exclusively’. Christ’s Taught’ of a straight’ and narrow’ path’ to a far away tiny’ gates’ beyond’ which lie’s God’s Kingdom’, one’ must search’ first for His’ Kingdom’, down this path’, and then all one’ need’s if one’ follow’s and believe’s the true path’, will be added’, and one’ must find this path’ and begin’ following’ and believing’ It’s and then become’ as a newborn’ child’s of Christ’s, and begin again, in order to be bornagain’. There is no overnight’ bornagain’, if one’ was never only seven years old, as a bornagain’ child’ of Christ’s, then one’ was never bornagain’.

And, Paul’s taught of a war’ inside himself’ he’ lost’ to himself’ over good’ and evil’, and blame’s this loss’ on himself’ not some devil’, and once we’ know’ God’s of our’ Bible’s grace’s we’ are not to continue’ in sin, as did Christ’s Teach’. As, we’ all can clearly’ see’, the modern “Christianity” blasphemy, “It is impossible to completely stop sinning,” is not only a blasphemy, it is a complete denial of Christ’s Commandment’s, and Teaching’s, and not of anyone’s theology’ who is a follower’ and believer’ of God’s of our’ Bible’s Word’s.

Jesus, said, “MY’ Yoke’ is easy’.” Why, would He say this if stopping sin out of our’ love’ for Him’ and continually following’ and believing’ His’ Commandment’s is so impossible’, and then also say we’ are to do so if we’ love’ Him’? Christ’s Himself’ cannot blaspheme’, Himself’. God’s of our’ Bible’s Christ’s is always’ there knocking’, seeking’ and asking’, all one’ has to do is accept’, however, if one’ accept’s, then please understand’, eternity’, is a very’, long’, long’, long’, long’, long’, long’ time’, and eternity’ is what’ He’ Is’ preparing’ us’ for’, and eternity’ with Him’ is what’ He’ Is’ preparing’ for any’ of us’, who accept’.

There is no happening of which will occure in two week's or two month's time', and then' there will' be nothing' left to do'. Forever', we all have just now begun, and eternal life's end' occured' when our' God's of our' Bible's ressurrected' Christ's, in order' to give' us' His eternal' grace's.

Take’ up’ His’ Yoke’s and go’ in ‘Peace’s.

-Mark Robert Gates

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