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Monday, November 20, 2006


As I pointed out to Arianna Huffington, after a weekend post, what pseudo-Christian people do, often ends up being mistaken, by those unfamilair with legitimate biblical theology, of the God's of the bible's, to be what actually is to be consdered following teaching's of Christ's. In fact, historically, Christ always, ends false teaching's in contradiction to His actual Teaching's. To teach something, of which, contradicts any teaching of Christ's, and to then, teach this contradiction, to actually be a teaching of Christ's, is blasphemy against His Holy Spirit. Our, Holy Spirit, is given as our helper, and anything of which hinders God's Holy Spirit, is unforgivable.

To teach, men and women are not supposed to be physically and sexually attracted, to each other, and men and women are not given in marriage, any longer, is to blaspheme, God's Holy Spirit.

To teach, this physical and sexual attraction and its resulting sexual love, along with all other unconditional and spiritual love, do not make a resulting marriage, a holy union, is to blaspheme God's Holy Spirit.

My own position on gay partnering is based on my own experience with gay women who I have witnessed, almost physically attacking people, over any self-perceived interference with their desire to somehow have a gay relationship with heterosexual women. Other than this, inhumanity, just as bad as any other domeistic violence, I see no reason for anyone to further fuel fires, and try laws to forbid, gay partnering, with a legal marriage document if marriage is how gays view or choose to call their relationship. In fact, we may see a real reduction in divorce rates, if gay men and women no longer drive heterosexual men and women nuts, trying to be married to us.

Pseudo-Christians, believe God's provides His grace and protection toward forgiveness for all their future sins. And, claim gays cannot be pseudo-Christian, and therefore cannot be forgiven for their future sins. Do not join pseudo-Chirstian hypocrites in their bitterness, and leave their judgement to God.

Copyright 2006, Mark Robert Gates

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