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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


An unfortunate side-affect of an Internet industry, in which, a click on, advertising scheme, of only scams and frauds, was first used, is an unwillingness by all us users of Internet sites and services, to actually even, ever attempt to click on any adds at all, after first discovering, back at the beginning, all...yes all, adds for clicking on...used on any Internet sites, or services, were not only fraudulent, none were not scams.

We were all warned, of this, yet most of us still had to actually discover this fact for ourselves. As a result, all of us who become serious Internet users, develope, an aversion to clicking on Internet advertisements. This is a problem, causing most Internet industry people, attempting to make money off of Internet advertsing, to pull out their ever-beloved hair's. As, now, try as they might, there seems to be few approaches to getting all of us Internet users, to even, ever try clicking on ads again, since that first wonderful burning sensation, of our first moonlanding. As that is where we found ourselves, on some planet's moon, being required, to submit credit card information, in order, to get ourselves, back to: Earthbase Microsoft.

Really, I fell for it, the first time, "Shoot the duck,,,win a free DVD player!" I shot the ever-loven' duck, bagged him, first attempt, and then went to get my, "free" DVD player, only to find out I was supposed to give out a credit card number, for shipping costs, in order to receive my free DVD player. I of course did not attempt to give an obvious scammer my credit information. Actually, to be honest, I did not have a credit card when I first began using Internet services.

My point here, is, except for Google, of whom, has amassed a considerable fortune, with Internet advertising based on ads from actual Internet sites, and of which, began first, as ads, in Google search pages, by advertisers, selling items like those people are searching for, in the frist place, when searching for merchandise. Elsewhere, there is still yet, a wide-spread aversion to testing the waters', by jumping in and clicking on an Internet ad. This approach, where it is obvious this ad is from a merchandiser selling the goods, I searched for, and which, is obviously capable of delivering, my heart's desire's, is why I only use, Google AdSense, for, placement of advertising, on my blogs.

All of which, I point out, to ask, if anyone ever finds an ad posted on my blogs, that is either misleading or fraudulent, please email through the email button on my profile page, and report this advertiser. Google makes it possible to block unwanted advertisers, and I am a firm believer' in having only reputable ads, on my blogs. And, as my blogs often discuss, topics such as mental illness, there is a real importance of ensuring, no one is misled, defrauded, or taken advantage of, by any advertisers.

Copyright 2006, Mark Robert Gates

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