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Friday, November 17, 2006


Noah, when God first approached him, first determines it is actually his God's he is speaking with, and then has a conversation. Then he does an amazing thing, he spends hundreds of years building a boat. I would hope to always have that kind of trust.

Abraham, also, determines he is speaking to God, and then takes his entire family and goes where God's leads him, this also, is also a huge amount of trust, I will always hope to have, when necessary.

So, I always tell people who claim to be obedient, unless you can show me your ark, or your family, as numerous as stars, then I do not want to hear about your' being obedient.

Also, if a person is born again, a way's given by Christ's, find the straight narrow path to a far away tiny gate's, beyond which lies God's kingdom, and then become as a little child and start over again, only then can one be, "Born Again." And, if a person has never been seven years old, then one has never been born again. There is no overnight born again.

Also, if one wants to claim following Christ's Commandment's, and so to claim to love Christ, one must have studies of an entire bible's, or one cannot claim to know what Christ's commandments are, to follow, moreover, If one does not read, one does not believe, and , if one does anything of which shows one to not be following any Commandment's of Christ, then one is not to continue to claim to love Christ.

This is all a sad affair, as both Bush cretins are still proving on live television there is no love for Christ in either. The elder Bush' cretin, is constantly requiring ex-persident Clinton to placidly demonstrate, hopelessly albeit, exactly what is, real humility and humbleness. So, Bush' is dead, in the water as a more moral figure, and if one's boat is upside down, one can either swim out from under it, or one can wait there, forever, for God to right the boat.

Ok, this may sound asinine, and stupid, however, after the downfall of the Republican revolution of which rose to power on a more moral values stance, and fell from, power, after being found to be, actually, quite a lot of an opposite. So, therefore, next fool, who takes a political position of a moral values superiority, qualifies for our new Democratic reform party, public euthansia program. Everyone, should have seen clear through it all, these lame duck pseudo-Christian Republicans believed, pseudo-Christians were absolved of any responsibility or guilt for all of their future sins, and as such, anyone who was not a qualified Republican pseudo-Christian required being strung up and executed.

Also, more moral values, have now been clearly defined: "A basis for applying whatever force one needs to stop any practice of another's, one does not approve of." All anyone ever wants good for, is to use it as a cover, to commit a crime against another human being, ask, Jesus. And, we now add this to this 21st centuries' definiton of sin: "Something a person believes is wrong for another person to do." And, then we can return to defining crime as: "Something a community has decided, creates a victim."

Now, we clearly see, invoking a more moral clause is a mere attempt to smote one's victim's, across his cheek's. And, turning the other cheek' is supposed to be something one has to do, in compliance with following the Commandment's of Christ's, of which, He said we would do:"If we love Him." Not, something one has to be constantly doing for another member of Christ's church, in a relfex against what other's supposedly, also, in the God's of the bible's, Chirst's church, do when trying to, beclaim, a more moral high ground. It is final, in America at least, the moral high ground, is offically only a myth.

God is transparent, so one can see right through Him.

Also, claiming any part of a cognitive science, is theology, or any part of theology, is a cognitive science, is a blasphemy to both. A cognitive science, is based on vaild cognitive scientific observation, research, discourse, and debate acomplished in an cogent, intelligent, intellectual and reasoned process, and calling this process theological, is a blasphemy of higher education and cognitive science's labor. A theology is a belief system based on faith, and an understanding of theological texts, and claiming the theology of ones faith and belief's come from exercise of a cognitive science is a blasphemy to all theology'.

Now, do not get me wrong, it is possible for my theology to aid my cognitive science, in developing a faith in my ability and need to succeed in furthing any cognitive scientific hypothesis, theory, concept or law. Also, it is possible for a cognitive science, to increase my faith, by substantiating my awe at a complex universe, seemingly so organized, as to be beyond explaination by any natural means. A
sad, fact, of existence in this 21st Century's, is, the unmitigated gall, of all the many people who try to break into serious scientific discussion and debate, with what can only be described to be: a result of mindless, meaningless speculation's.

Aristotle, and Socrates, both, contributed to a basis of learned, only, discourse, when instead of using mindless, meaningless speculation, discussions centered around valid scientific observations. Even today, and throughout history, from at least 400 BC, this knowledge is a still valid cognitive science. Higher learning requires, such observations, be used to form a hypothesis, from which, a path of further valid scientific observations, research, discourse, debate and intelligent, intellectual and reasoned cognitive sciences, are applied as a person attempts to find a proof.

And yet, we have a group of people who will actually bear creedence with, Richard Dawkin's, meaningless and mindless only speculations. How, one can write an entire book, if you have seen Dawkin's book on television, you know it is quite a lot of a: book, he has there. All, about his meaningless, mindless speculation's, I do not know of, and claiming not having made an observation is valid information in a cognitive science. "I have observed there is no God" leads to my mind wondering, how? When, I am not sure one can even attempt to observe a spirit when all of our cognitive science's instruments are still, as of yet, incapable of measuring one. Not to mention, complicating a fact, one will first have to come up with a quantifiable method of measurement, is a fact of, one is still first going' to have to discover, "A quantity of what?"

Yet, people actually refer to this book, which is a blasphemy of cognitve science, as if it is a learned, intelligent and cogent rhetorical discourse. We all must be more carefull who we listen to, and who we read, from now on. After, a Bush' is alway's a cretin's, like father' like son', irresponsible teen-agers, without help, do not grow up to be responsible' adults, nightmare of a 6 years', we need to work only from credentialed cognitve observation's, and can no longer tolerate any more mere speculators'

Copyright 2006, Mark Robert Gates

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