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Friday, November 10, 2006


What do we do now, when we want a book on self-help? We go on down to Borders, and stand in the self-help section, and try to decide which one book is going to affect a miracle cure. Of hundreds of thousands of titles, we believe there is one book, of which, we will use to turn our tide and make us mighty. After starring at titles for a while, we give up and head on over to the coffee shop, and order for ourself'; a triple mocha. As, we sit starring into our mochascope, we begin to wonder if we are beyond help.

Everyone says self-esteem is important, however, others say we need to be more positive to get ahead. As we sit tossing back and forth over which book to begin on, there seems to be no answer. Yet, if we really want to be as good as we can best be, there is a possibly, almost simple, answer. Read both books. One on self-esteem, and one on positive thinking. And, as long as we do not confuse one with the other, both may work together, to make a more powerful us. In fact, it just may be impossible, to change one without changing the other.

Though positive affirmations will help us think better of ourselves, and positive self-love can point us to positive success. Combining both positive thinking and higher self-worth, can be even more helpful for us, to paint in the numbers, and have our future become; one's now thornless rose. There are many ways to have both in proper proportion, to help give our ship a bow and a stern, and no matter what we think of ourselves, we will get nowhere, if we believe we have a bleak tomorrow.

I recommend, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway,
by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.,
http://www.susanjeffers.com/, for a pathway to more positive thinking. With her help, we can almost psycho-surgically, remove negative thoughts from our mind. Then, for self-esteem, I recommend, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, by Nathaniel Branden, http://www.nathanielbranden.com/. His book will work to give us skills necessary, to love ourselve's, with an unconditional self-love. While together, both books, will be capable of cementing in us a more positive self-esteem, and point us into a positive future, we almost magically, will be more certain to enjoy.

For myself, positive thinking helped me to begin writing again, and led to being asked to take, Appreciative Inquiry Training, an organizational; positive thinking course. And, help plan a new future, for our local mental healthcare provider. Another course, also, developed to build on strengths already existing, and avoid focusing on our past problems. And, I am now invited to share my opinion, to help point ships, like a lighthouse, away from unseen beaches with jagged reefs.

Higher self-esteem, helped to create in myself an understanding of how much my opinions mattered. I began writing many articles and essays, moreover, many people began coming to me and telling of how much they had been affected by, many positive's, in my writing. Which led to even more people asking my opinion.

Most of us can be, in need of help; putting ourselves behind our ships wheel, and steering a course out of our past psychosocial fogs. I have benefited from both positive thought's, and a better view's of myself, in a way of which, neither could have done so by itself. I see clearly now, not only love for my past, in my present moment, also, pathways and open doors, into a future of happiness. There are fewer obstacles, since most of my hindrances were self-created, and what might lie ahead, a collection of phantasms I feared, more than this; I am happy to be me.

-Mark Robert Gates, Copyright 2001

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