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Monday, December 18, 2006


© 2006 Mark Robert Gates

A need exists in our 21st Century to find
a scientific method of detecting the God Spirit,
and the human spirit’s existence.

Currently, there are heartless, people with obvious
problems of brain inactivity, hovering around those
they call brain dead. These human vampires, wait for
the situation of undetectable brain activity,
in a machine sustained body
for a state of which they call brain dead to exist
to use a legal document
to flush the soul from the body
in order to dispose of the body.

There, are those of us acquainted with God’s
who know, there is more brain activity
in the brain called, brain dead,
than in the mind of the man
wanting to pull the plug
on the man, he calls, brain dead.

We must find a verifiable method of determining
the presence of a soul in a person,
And, develop a constitutional law stating:

Occupation, by the soul,
of the body,
by being in the body,
desire of, said,
spirit to occupy, said body.

As, obviously,
if the spirit did not choose to occupy
the body, it would not do so.

In order to enforce this constitutional law
We must detect the spirit’s presence, in order
To confirm, whether or not, medical instruments
Are capable of sustaining life in
a body without a spirit.

If we are to develop,
a scientific method of detecting the God Spirit,
removed from all existing theological methods,
theology schools provide students with
several methods of detecting the God Spirit,
as part of their course of instruction,
we, however, must use only cognitive science,
using only scientific observations,
and scientific instruments capable of detection,
then we must, first, form a series of questions,
from which we are to form our hypothesis,
or series of hypothecis.

Question 1: If the God Spirit exists, what is it composed of?

We know it is not atomic,
and not anything of which would necessitate atomic make-up,
such as chemical, as all this can now be detected,
by modern scientific methods.

Question 2: What is this God Spirit’s source of energy?

As, we know all living things require a source of energy, in order, to live.

A: Is the God Spirits source of energy, Internal only?

And, is this source of internal energy, self-sustaining?

And, is this internal, self-sustaining, source of energy,
Universal, and the source of all existing energy, and,
is it the same universal energy the Chinese refer to as Chi?

B: Is there an internal, self-sustaining source of energy,
in the God Spirit, and also, an external universal source of energy,
and which source of energy, is the universal energy,
the Chinese refer to as Chi?

C: Is there, an external only, universal source of energy,
and the God Spirit, itself, requires this source to sustain itself,
and, is this external only source of universal energy,
the universal energy the Chinese refer to as Chi?

Remember, there are theological texts, of which,
teach of a God Spirit, capable of experiencing death.

Now, we have series of questions, necessary to provide answers
in our quest to form a hypothesis, to detect the God Spirit,
from use of only scientific methods, observations, and instruments.

Now, we must combine the mind of Albert Einstein, with the mind of Edison,
And, go out in the laboratory, and attempt to create instruments,
Needed for detection.

Remember, in order to invent the radar speed detection gun,
one does not need to form a hypothesis,
to prove the existence of the automobile,
In order to devise a method of detecting its speed.

However, here we now must find, first, a method of detecting, whatever,
the God Spirit, if the God Spirit exists, is composed of,
by forming our hypothesis, as to what this composition is composed of.

Good luck, everyone, in your search, however, I would be informed
It is probably best if we find this method of detection,
Before, our next president takes office, as, we are having several obviouse problems
Made necessary by our presidents inability to communicate with a God Spirit.

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