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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Immancipation Proclamation, of, Mark Robert Gates

As, of, Monday, December 18, 2006, 5:00AM, Eastern, all lies, about me, will have been told, and will be known as lies, all accusations agaisnt me, made behind my back, will be known, to me, and will be dealt with by me, only, and, only, face to face.

As, of Monday, December 18, 2006, 5:00AM, Eastern, all men who call me out, or, have called me out, over, any women, who are, will be, would be, or want to be my wives, I will be going out to meet. According to Pauline Law, a man and any women who marry, must look after their needs, and the things of this world, as applies to those needs. And, the things of this world require, that if a man calls, a man out, over his wife, then a man must go out to meet that man, and cannot, hide, or run away, from this duty. There will be no more, calling me out to women, behind my back, as God's has my back, and there is no no longer any invisablility back there, all Mighty's Eye's have my back, and there is no where to hide any longer to sneak up on me behind my back, either. If, a person accuses me, or calls me out, that person must meet, only, me, only, face to face, in a court of law. There will, no longer, be any passages available, to fight my wife, or any who would be, or want to be, my wife, behind my back. If you choose to call me out, you face me, not a woman behind my back, any longer, as, there is no longer a behind my back, as, God's has my back.

The possibility of dropping false complaints, and all calling out's ended, Friday, December 15, 2006, a sundown, Eastern. As, sufficeint time has been allowed, for all to retire such threats, and intimidations peacefully, and willingly. Now, such matter's, will all, be dealt with, as according to, all American laws.

I trust, no one, now believe's there is any further possibility of fooling God's and I'.

-Mark Robert Gates

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