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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Iraq: The President's Smack

© 2006 Mark Robert Gates

It is maddening to hear the things Hillary Rodham Clinton gets accused of, like actually representing her constituency, rollin’ up her sleeves and jumping into things she believes in, without regard for her personal reputation. In fact, she does not have any regard for what anyone thinks of her personally, when persuing something she belives in, and will not let public critisizm, and complaint stop pursuit of high and lofty ideals.

Obama, is already overwith, he firmly shot himself in the foot, after firmly sticking it in his mouth. He said when asked if he was experienced enough to be president, “Is anyone ever really ready to be president?” How naive can a man be, to run for president on such a high and lofty ideal as that?

After, 6 years, of making it up as we go, while George W. Bush, has to rediscover what Alexander Pope wrote in 1734, http://lokieponaphoenix.blogspot.com/2006/11/epistle-iii-of-nature-and-state-of-man.html, we do not need another mere mindless, and meaningless speculator.

Trust me a two day or two week legal process is not what American's want. Yes, it can seem impossibly encumbered with technicalities, however, our legal process is designed to protect the rights of those innocent American's, either unjustly or falsely accused from being incarcerated on false charges. Therefore, we will never have in America, a legal system in which just accusing a person is enough to make a person guilty.

Unless, you would like to go to jail for George W. Bush's imagination, we will all have to continue to fight to preserve our American right to a fair trial, in order to maintain all of our American liberties and rights. There is no other way, look at the outgoing congress, and the number of sharks looking for a way to make all of their false charges stick without any public or private scrutiny to determine whether the charges are legitimate.


If there is a thing in a person one cannot admit the truth about, such as the desire to commit a crime, or the position of being in the process of committing a crime, where in admitting the truth would require confession. Then this person is incapable of accepting the truth about anything, as accepting the truth about any one thing would require accepting the truth about this person's criminal intentions, or their crime in process.

There is no point in debating a person such as this, no truth whatsoever, will ever be acceptable.


You have to realize the reason these "Insurgents" are kidnapping all of these people, is, that when the Democrats give the war to a qualified military, to handle, this milktoast approach, of George W. Bush's is goin' to end in Iraq. They are kidnapping all of these people to use as human sheilds, when the real war begins.


This administration is using the same failed policies, as in Iran in the 80's, with the same result.

The result of trying to foist a western ideology on an eastern culture, is always, a religious backlash. Unless, this administration changes its policies, we will see the same result as in Iran in the 80's, an Ayatohla.

Also, we are fighting this war today, because, Americans, and other misguided countries, would not let Israel proscute, Yasar Arafat, when he was captured. Instead, these people tried to broker a peace, by asking Israel to give land and amnesty to terrorists. When Messir Arafat finally realized, he was not going to be given, what he killed people for, after all, like his Nobel Prize, he returned to being a terrorist.

Did Yasar Arafat have rockets?

These wars are always racist, they are not about religion, and they are not about ideology, they are about extermination of races. We too, are in this war as racists, as our military also carries orders, to kill everyone of the same race. We lost the ideological war in Iraq when we opened, Quantanamo, we, whites, as a race, are not any better than Arabs, Muslims and Hebrews, we maim, rape, kill, murder, prostitute and torture, just the same.

As far as a loving God, is concerned, when asked if they wanted a place in Iraqi government, "Insurgents" said, "No." And, to their charges said, "Go on killing." These, "Insurgents" are only interested in killing, and the people living in Iraq, and Afganistan, are screaming to God's for help, and God's has said, "So be it: I will now carry out my wrath."


Theft, is not the returning of stolen land.


This, Iraq involvement, was not a pre-emptive war, it is official, now in Washington, this involvement by Bush' and company was a: presumptive war, based purely on speculations'.

It will now be known, as, the human sacrifice necessary, to get American's a real picture of what life is like in the Middle East, so we can now be friends with those cultures, against the orders of Bush' and company, and like's of Dr. Dobson's.


Somebody, needs to tell Mel Gibson, what I always did when I encountered, first, this apocalypse story, in a church, “You are imagining things!”

Once more, its the troops I support, not human sacrifice. I do not want those people dying for me, in that way, as, the only way those deaths could ever have had any worth, is if you people, had actually eaten their flesh, and sucked the fat from between their ribs. It will be better for cannibalism, in those days, when God’s wrath appears.

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