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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


© 2007 Mark Robert Gates

Pre-determined acts of cruelty
And random acts of blindness,
Are never property in God's realty,
As empty of heart
and soul is mindless.

God created us with a
capacity for thought,
And the capablility to care,
So when our vices
deliver us to naught,
Remember, faith reckoned
as righteousness is rare.

The star to focus on is Christ,
God alone is good
and we are all the same,
Belief is all we may
do that is right,
Thinking we can saved
by doing good is lame.

God gave us a choice
to live or die,
We chose to disregard
obedience to His Word's,
And, we still wonder at why,
His way is not the way
we always prefered.

We chose the lie
that sin is fun,
Certain that we'd
reap a treasure,
And, promised Him
we'd win this one,
Then blamed Him for
our lack of pleasure.

Power comes from turning
from sin and giving up,
Seize this invitation and
deliberate act of kindness,
To fill our lives with love,
peace and joy overflows our cup,
Let the light free from the
bushel basket causing blindness.

For, like Lithium for our madness,
God medicates and saves our souls,
Giving freely eternal gladness,
That the lightening no longer strikes
And, the thunder no longer rolls.

The storm and sin have cleared,
This reality brings us perfect weather,
And, closer and closer
to our hearts He has neared,
Without ever condemning us
to a tether.

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