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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Patriot Wars & Ode To Self-Evident Truths

This is in response to the Republican, pseudo-Christian, right-wing conspiracy rhetoric, still being espoused to this date, of which states, we Democrats, want to return to a pre-911 state. The very state with which Bush' leaguers had their heads stuck in the sand, ignoring the threat of those forms of Islamisms, in which there is no regard for the value of human life, cannot be reattained. We were always aware of this threat, and we will continue to be aware of this threat. And, as always, we continue to fight against the Republican ignorance that made 911 possible, by arguing to close our ports, until a way can be found to determine what passes through. Since we have not, we wait for the next 911.

The Patriot Wars
© 2001 Mark Robert Gates

Once again they are trying to hang patriots,
Only this time the tariffs are too steep to pay,
We cannot give in to people that participate in riots,
The mass murderers with a private torturous fray.
It’s not that we want to be, or need to, be pious,
It’s just that freedom rings in this land to stay.
So, when people with rituals and satanic tryouts,
Pick out innocent women and children for prey,
In the worst kind of unwanted and leveraged buyouts,
We need to go looking for the whites of their eyes,
And teach them the value of the freedom we prize.

Ode To Self-Evident Truths
© 2001 Mark Robert Gates

Freedom the concept,
Begat freedom the precept,
When america the frontier eclipsed two coasts,
And law the reality forced us to accept,
The settling down to frequent
And friendly singing throats.
Proclaiming the patriot’s way of life,
To be the matriarch’s duty after wife,
And the patriarch’s service to God,
And the oligarch’s duty grown mod.
Some call it idealism,
More cherish freedom, realism,
No need for abstract idiosyncrasies
And surrealism,
We have solid foundational
And lasting self-evident truths
That have not grown old or rusted
Since the day of their youth's.

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